Qi is the source of all manifestation. It is the intricate, universal energy that flows throughout all living things. The life-force of all existence connected through our spiritual self or higher consciousness. It runs our biosphere and all body processes.




Qi is the source for our well-being, improving body function, our immune system and the healing process in all living beings.

Access to Qi is achievable to everyone. It dwells within us. Once we recognize that we are all a One universal energy, and the infinite light force, the most powerful force in the universe, which is love, we can heal.

Respecting Qi is consciously recognizing yourself, as part of everything there is, and that everything there is, is part of you.

This resonance starts from within. In alignment through the higher guidance that exists inside of every cosmic element of existence. That love manifestation which is Qi.


Many people seek advice in healing. But first they need to start remembering who they are. Embrace and respect Oneness and it’s creation, love the precious order of all things, that rely on one another and all beings.


If they respect the processes and the law of cause and effect on this planet, love and respect the sacredness of nature, food, medicine, and the presence of Qi in their own bodies, they will heal through becoming One with Qi. For when we are in alignment, there is peace, harmony and “flow”. Which allows us to protect and help keep these energies.


Many in this world still don’t know what that is. The law of cause and effect, called Karma, is also the ultimate source of awareness and that’s how Qi runs. Qi is blocked without awareness. And for effective healing one needs to stop relying on negative patterns of thinking about themselves and others, all conditioned beliefs based on fear, which drains Qi and in turn blocks love, awareness and our higher connection with the source.

Qi has a pattern of loving. More connected to Qi, more you love and can heal others. Qi is Oneness in effect of it’s own nature, self-healing and evolution.


- Isa